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Application field

Equipment application field


Domestic water

Make your life full of color


Main use

◆ Household water purification, drinking.Factories, schools, enterprises, etc

  Unit drinking water requirement
◆ Direct drinking water in hotels, buildings and living quarters
◆ Swimming pool filtration and disinfection engineering, aquaculture ornamental fish water

Pharmaceutical preparation

Sterile, no heat source pure water。All indicators

Up to the National 2000 edition and the United States Pharmacopeia 24 edition

Requirements, in full compliance with GMP certification standards

Main use

◆ Pharmaceutical, injection pure water, high pure water, sterile water, etc

◆ Pure water project for health care products and oral liquid production

◆ Purification of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediate products 
◆ Pharmaceutical equipment, medical equipment cleaning, electrodialysis water treatment


Food & Beverage

The water quality is pure, stable and sterile

All the standards have reached the relevant enterprise or national standards


Main use

◆ Pure water, mineral water production

◆ Pure water for food and dairy beverage production

◆ Tea drinks, juice drinks, liquor, beer pure water
◆ Water for clarification and separation of juice and beverage



Meet the US SEMI standard and national electronics

Grade four water standards

Main use

◆ High purity water for microelectronics production

◆ High purity water for semiconductor, picture tube and other manufacturing industries

◆ High purity water for the production of computer circuit boards and other integrated circuit boards

◆ Pure water for solar cells, dry batteries and other battery production


With the rapid development of the cosmetics industry,

The demands on water quality are increasing, Hyferon

Water treatment equipment will improve your product quality

The best choice of quantity。

Main use

◆ Pure water for skin care product production

◆ Pure water for shampoo production  

◆ Pure water for hair dye production 

◆ Pure water for washing products production


Electricity, boiler cooling

It is used for replenishing water and equipment of various boilers

The high quality water quality of the cooling water makes your set

Standby operation is more secure and reliable。

Main use

◆ Water for low-pressure boilers in power plants and factories

◆ Air conditioning, cold storage and other recycling water

◆ Circulating cooling water for food industry
◆ Water for printing and dyeing industry


Chemical industry, electroplating

High quality water can make chemical products quality

One-upmanship makes electroplating products glorious forever

Main use

◆ Water for textile dyeing and papermaking

◆ Pure water for chemical reagent production  

◆ High purity water for electroplating and glass coating

◆ High purity water for coating and surface cleaning


Brackish water, seawater desalination

Suitable for desert, coastal zone, island,

Drinking water on warships and fishing boats。

Main use

◆ Desert brackish water desalination system

◆ Seawater desalination system
◆ Oil well platform seawater desalination



The application of high purity water and membrane technology is high

The necessary basis for the development of new technologies。


Main use

◆ Production of biological agents

◆ Extraction of biological enzymes

◆ Protein separation
◆ Genetic Engineering


Experimental water

For the laboratory to provide high quality, energy saving, simple

Convenient, multi-purpose new high purity water machine

Main use

◆ Chemical Laboratory

◆ Physics Laboratory

◆ Biological Laboratory


Sewage treatment

Advanced, efficient and economical processing methods,

Make the sewage standard discharge or reuse, let big 
The land is green again, the rivers are all over again


Main use

◆ Electroplating wastewater treatment and precious metal recovery

◆ Domestic sewage treatment and recycling

◆ Product cleaning water recycling treatment

◆ Industrial wastewater treatment


Food industry water: drinking pure water, mountain spring water, mineral water, beverages, beer, dairy industry, etc。



Electronic industry ultra-pure water: monocrystalline silicon semiconductors, integrated circuit blocks, liquid crystal displays, etc。



Pharmaceutical industry water: pharmaceutical preparations, large infusion, natural substance extraction, Chinese medicine drinks, etc。



Building quality water supply: star hotels, villas, airports, living quarters, etc。



Industrial products manufacturing water: automobile, electroplating, painting, paint, fine processing, cleaning, etc。



Desalination of brackish water: preparation of drinking water from islands, ships and saline-alkali areas。



Textile and papermaking water: printing and dyeing water, water jet loom water, papermaking water, etc。



Boiler supply water: pure water for power generation boiler, soft water for medium and low pressure boiler, etc。



Fine chemical water: cosmetics, detergents, biological engineering, genetic engineering, etc。



Municipal tap water: development zones, township residential areas, enterprises, highway toll stations, etc。



Circulating cooling water: central air conditioning, smelting, water-cooled air conditioning。



Swimming pool water purification: indoor natatorium, outdoor landscape pool, etc。



Artificial aquaculture water: fish and shrimp aquaculture, ornamental fish, etc。



Sewage treatment: industrial sewage, water reuse, domestic sewage, car cleaning, etc。