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School stainless steel direct drinking equipment
Author: Chongqing water treatment equipment Time: 2018-07-11
School stainless steel direct drinking equipment
1, economic benefits: According to theoretical calculation and measurement, 200 people drink 400 heating water every day, with stainless steel drinking water equipment only needs 7.2 degrees of electricity, and the use of ordinary water boiler requires 38 degrees of electricity, therefore, stainless steel drinking water equipment than ordinary water boiler saving 30 per day.8 KWH of electricity, save 924 KWH of electricity per month, save 11088 KWH per year, according to 1 yuan per degree, save 1 KWH per year.1万元。Burn coal at 0 per kilowatt-hour.36kg, can reduce carbon dioxide 10.8吨。According to statistics, drinking warm boiled water can save 20 minutes per person per day than drinking boiled water, 200 people can save 4000 minutes, equivalent to 66.7 hours, equivalent to the workload of 8 people, calculated at 1000 yuan per person, can reduce the annual wage expenditure 9.6万元。If drinking bottled water, 200 people need 10 barrels of water per day, at 5 yuan per barrel, the annual bottled water charge needs 1.8万元。
2, employee satisfaction: 3 ways to drink water, including boiled water, warm water and ice water, more considerate of employees;Employees drink healthier water;Staff making tea and noodles can also be well solved;Employees taking breaks to drink water can provide enough water supply without waiting in line。
3, drinking water health: purified water is healthier than barreled pure water because it retains the empty substances in the water that are beneficial to the human body。
4, work efficiency: avoid the trouble of constantly changing the barreled water;There is no need for special personnel to handle and supervise barreled water;More taps, large water supply, reduce waiting time;Warm boiled water (water is cooled after boiling) can be directly drunk, which saves time than drinking boiled water。
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