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Chongqing water treatment equipment Haiflong analysis of scale is harmful to the human body?
Author: Chongqing water treatment equipment Time: 2018-05-24
  Chongqing water treatment equipment Haiflong analysis of scale is harmful to the human body?
  Scale (water alkali) is an important substance in water, is the relative value, but for drinking pure water and the use of RO pure water machine, the pure water that does not contain any minerals is very unhealthy water。The absorption and exchange of nutrients by cells require the auxiliary action of trace elements and minerals。But pure water does not have any minerals, and because pure water is a large molecular group of viscous water, acidic water, will also take away the body's own minerals and trace elements。But the human body needs minerals and trace elements,Then these minerals and trace elements must be supplemented from food,This causes the body to eat a lot,The human body metabolizes liquids (water) much more easily than food,So people who drink pure water regularly,Eventually it can lead to obesity and other chronic diseases。And people eat only three times a day, but drink about 10 times a day。If too much pure water is added, it will destroy the normal physiological balance of the human body itself。Drinking pure water after a lot of exercise can cause water poisoning。In developed countries, the minimum hardness of water is mandatory, and the water must contain minerals (salt).。

  Even many health experts say that pure water is inferior to tap water。Most pure water is indeed less healthy than tap water。Of course, in some areas of tap water pollution is more serious, pure water can be used as short-term drinking water is okay, and the World Health Organization stipulates that in disaster relief areas must use water containing minerals, and prohibit the use of pure water。Therefore, water with scale (inorganic salts) is harmless, and if you feel too much scale, you can use a household mineral water system with ultrafiltration to convert calcium and magnesium compounds into calcium and magnesium ions that the body can easily absorb。

  And some common sense knowledge, because when I talk to ordinary people about this, I usually find that people are wrong
It's amazing。Many people also call scale "water base", so they think that "water base" is alkali。But when I told them that "water base" is a salt, not a base, they did not believe that scale is usually made of calcium carbonate (CaCo3) and magnesium carbonate (MgCo3), in high school chemistry, it is a salt。Acids are molecules made of H+ ions, such as HCL (hydrochloric acid) or HCO3 (carbonic acid), and bases are made of OH- ions, such as NaHO (sodium hydroxide) and MgHO (magnesium hydroxide).。
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